The self test

The self test

To enable quick identification of health problems and student-related problems, the Student Doctors have developed a self test, which helps the student to identify problems and offers possible solutions. By filling in a questionnaire you gain insight into how you score on certain indicators for health and the various aspects of student life. Those scores are then compared to those of fellow students in the same stage of their degree programme. When a certain threshold in the score is crossed, you are symbolically shown a red traffic light: a sign that a certain issue needs attention.


When the threshold is not crossed, a green traffic light is shown. An amber traffic light is shown when the threshold is not crossed, but the score is bordering on the threshold. This traffic light may encourage self-reflection. There are at least four topics for which you will be shown a traffic light:

1) health (general, psychological and physical)
2) lifestyle (including tobacco, alcohol and drug use)
3) quality of life for the student (being a student)
4) satisfaction with study results

Each participant fills in the entire spectrum of questions. The questionnaire also has a second layer built in. Students who don’t feel well in themselves, or indicate experiencing problems, will ‘automatically’ go through a some extra sections of questions. One of the topics broached is: “how do you cope with setbacks?”