The Student Doctors’ Office is there specifically for students of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and the University of Amsterdam. The student doctors do the same job as regular general practitioners, but are also focused on the various aspects of student life. In addition to their work as general practitioner, the student doctors also conduct research into the relationship between health issues and studying and they develop preventative care. Over the past decades their various research projects have been published in international medical journals.


Three researchers of the Student Doctors wrote the book Studenten en stille pijn. Wel problemen maar geen hulp zoeken (2010) (Students and their silent pain. Having problems, but not seeking help) about the research into help seeking behaviour. The book offers insight into students’ considerations for not seeking help. The book is available from the larger bookshops and can be ordered from any bookshop (ISBN: 9789035231887). It is also available at the Student Doctors’ office. [pdf]

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